What is Visco Elastic Memory Foam ?

An alternative term for memory foam is Visco elastic foam. A NASA contract developed this blend of polyurethane foam for airplane cushions in the 1970s.

As an essential difference between visco-elastic foam and other types of polyurethane foam, visco-elastic foam has a slow response time as well as low resistance to compression

This cushion allows for contouring due to its softness and its slow response, allowing it to reduce bounce to a great extent. In the same way as all polyurethane foam, Visco elastic foam is manufactured through a blend of various substances and is prone to off-gassing.

It is imperative for people with lung sensitivities to research the quality of foam before purchasing it in order to ensure that it will not exacerbate their lung sensitivities.

The first thing you should do when purchasing visco elastic foam furniture for your home is to be careful of imitation manufacturers.

There are some factories that try to sell their foam as this product by mixing formaldehyde and other fixers into their foam in order to sell it as this product.

Additionally, these chemicals have an unpleasant odor in addition to causing severe allergic reactions and causing severe skin irritations. The surface of a high-quality product will be smooth and there will be no visible flaking or breaking.

In addition to the contoured comfort, the competitive price points, and the variety of options, there are a number of other pros to consider. Sagging and off-gassing problems are common problems with low-quality foams.

Due to the fact that a viscoelastic mattress made of pure viscoelastic foam would not provide any opposing pressure, these mattresses are always made in two parts. In addition to the viscoelastic foam layer, the mattress usually has a cold foam or spring core.

A cold foam core can be zoned very well, typically with shoulder and pelvic zones that are effective for side sleepers. Viscoelastic mattresses with spring cores provide precise support and have breathable properties. These mattresses are especially suitable for stomach and back sleepers.

In the Original Mattress, the second layer is made of viscoelastic materials, which allows the body to sink in evenly, i.e. the foam reacts slowly to the load.

Memory foams return to their original starting point after being removed from the load. A supportive cold foam layer and a pressure-distributing Airgocell® foam layer complete these Original Mattresses.

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