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1. Research is the key

When buying any product, whether it be a Mobile phone, Car, Shoe, Furniture, or even a mattress, it is always good to understand what features you want in your product to satisfy your stated and unstated needs.

There are different benefits of each component that goes into a mattress be it a spring, foam, or rubberized coir.

First, there is the stated need for support and comfort. Support is the base of the mattress which gives support and durability to a mattress.

Usually, there are 3 bases –Foam, Spring, or Rubberised Coir. Comfort is provided by the top layer in a mattress which depends on your individual need for a softer/firmer mattress.

Accordingly one may choose a foam/gel foam/memory foam/rubberized coir/super soft/hard foam depending on the feel.

When you walk into a mattress store and find 60+ different models and makes. Choose the one which suits your comfort and support needs.

Our sleep expert’s recommendation is to first start with the comfort you would like in your mattress – firm or plush and then look into what premium foams fit your body the best Each person is different, just like each foam and it is very important to get the correct one for you.

2. If you suffer from a medical condition that involves back pain or aches, it is better if you talk to your doctor in order to see which type of therapeutic mattress is the right for you.

3. Take into consideration your partner’s sleeping needs.

4. Also, check if there is a warranty on the mattress

5. In order to protect your mattress and prolong its life you should consider also buying a mattress protector.

Also refer to our blog on body weight, body shape, and sleep positions to help you choose a good mattress online for your specific need.

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