• Jacquard woven quilted fabric
  • Premium MD polyurethane foam
  • Super soft
  • HD Firm Rebonded foam
  • 1 year warranty

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Amidst many other things, our preference in mattresses is very different from that of our parents. While our parents wants a firm and almost negligible plush mattress; we prefer more comforting and contouring mattress with plush cushioning. But what if we tell you Aerocom Galaxy mattress provides for both?

1. Both-side usable –
Firm on one side and soft on the other, Aerocom Galaxy mattress is made to be used on both sides.

2. Optimally Firm –
With rebonded foam in its support layer, you can put your firmness-related thoughts to the back-burner and breathe easy that your parents will love you for this gift.

3. Optimally soft and comforting –
Super soft foam as part of the mattress's comfort layer, adds a luxurious cushioning to the mattress and makes it a comforting choice for you.

3. Stylish to look –
The mattress being covered with woven jacquard fabric on both sides, it makes for an extremely stylish-looking cover, which also doesn't fade or wear off and is very durable and strong.

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Maroon, Blue


5 inch