• Imported high GSM Hazel Knitted fabric with Oeko Tex certificate for human-ecological safety
  • Visco memory foam quilting
  • Super soft foam
  • High resilience foam
  • Rebonded foam
  • 5 years warranty

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Good sleep by itself is immensely contributory to good health. But read on to find out how Aerocom Primo Visco mattress does way more good for your health than simply providing good sleep every night.
1. Visco Elastic Foam – A revolution in the world of mattresses, Visco Elastic Foam will make you
feel like you’ve melted in the bed. It molds itself in response to your body heat and pressure,
allowing its surface to evenly distribute body weight. This provides you relief from all bodily
aches. What’s interesting is, it also ensures quicker recovery from injuries. Because the areas of
injuries have higher temperature, it responds by adding or reducing pressure in those areas. It’s
also known to improve blood circulation.
2. High Resilience Foam – The highest grade of PU foam, HR Foam’s extreme elasticity gives
exceptional balance of firmness and bounciness to your mattress. Its high-density extensively
adds to the durability of the mattress.
3. Rebonded Foam & PU Foam – The core support of this mattress is super-solid and firm, thanks
to these two layers.
4. Super Soft Foam – Topmost comfort layer of the mattress, this makes for the most outstanding
cozy mattress topper. Its extra soft cushioning enhances the luxury appeal of the mattress.
5. Quilted High GSM Jacquard Knitted Cloth – This high-quality stretchable fabric makes for a very
soft-textured cover, looks beautiful and is enduring.

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