• Imported high GSM Melange Knitted fabric. The fabric used has Oeko Tex certification which confirms human-ecological safety.
  • Very Plush Super soft polyurethane foam quilting
  • High resilience foam
  • Rebonded foam
  • 5 years warranty



When you decide to spend your hard-earned money on something, why should you make a compromising choice? Get all that you deserve and even more in Aerocom Primo Ortho mattress. An excellent blend of luxury, firmness and durability, it has everything your mattress should possess.
1. High Resilience Foam – The highest grade of PU foam, High Resilience foam is high on responsiveness and hence it’s quick to come back to its original form ensuring you don’t sink into the mattress more than what’s ideal for you. Its extreme elasticity provides an apt balance
of firmness and bounciness to the mattress. It also distributes the pressure across the entire surface. This makes sure your body gets extraordinary support, subsequently relieving you from all bodily aches, especially back aches.
2. Rebonded Foam & PU Foam – The core support of this mattress is made of these two layers. Simply put, that’s two times the enhanced firmness and support that most mattresses offer.
3. Super Soft Foam – Topping the support layers of the mattress, this makes for the most outstanding cozy mattress topper. Also its contouring ability provides relief and alleviates pressure without reducing the firmness of the support layers.
4. Quilted High GSM Jacquard Knitted Cloth – This high-quality fabric makes for a very soft-textured cover and looks very appealing.

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6 inch