• Imported high GSM quilted jacquard knitted fabric
  • Viscoelastic foam or memory foam
  • Latex foam
  • Turkish felt
  • Rebonded foam
  • 5 years warranty

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Aerocom’s Reactive is designed around a body stress repairing concept. The self adjusting High Resilience Foam with the support of High Density Rebounded Foam holds up layers for spine support. Reactive Mattress with its premium plus looks and special recharge therapy will reactivate you even after the toughest day!
1.ReBonded foam-This is an open cell foam created from shredded pieces of foam,which is then bound together to form a single piece of foam. This foam is very dense and provides a solid and firm support base. The high density ensures ample support for the spine and optimal distribution of body weight.
2.Memory foam-The NASA approved memory foam layer makes the body float on the mattress. Improving blood circulation and delivering unparalleled comfort .Also its low bounce back properties, ensures that there is almost no pressure on your body’s pressure points.
3.Latex foam-This foam keeps you warm during winter and cool during summers. Latex foam known as the most durable foam which provides the ultimate comfort and lets you sleep in the lap of true luxury.
4.Turkish felt-Turkish thermos bonded felt is an essential component of Aerocom mattresses. The layer of felt dampens sound and the movement of springs ensuring that you get only undisturbed sleep. Turkish felt also increases the durability and life of mattresses.

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