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Aerocom Story

We are glad to introduce ourselves as a reputed mattress manufacturing company in Central India. Our company has been in the mattress manufacturing business since 1992. We have our setup in Nagpur, Hingna Area where we have our own machines for manufacturing, covering and finishing the mattress under one roof. We are an ISO-9001:2008 certified company and our products are ISI certified. Even though Aerocom Cushions Pvt Ltd, Nagpur .

Guidelines to choose a mattress based on your body weight and body shape

Above Average Body Weight One of the key things to understand if you are heavier is that your perception of “softness” is going to be significantly different than a very light person. So, basing your decision on reviews of “average-sized” people will likely leave you full of regret. You will see mentioned a lot that the “average” sleeper needs about a 3-inch comfort layer. While this is true, it is .

How to buy the right mattress?

1.Research is the key When buying any product, whether it be a Mobile phone, Car, Shoes, Furniture, or even a mattress, it is always good to understand what features you want in your product to satisfy your stated and unstated needs. There are different benefits of each component that goes into a mattress be it a spring, foam or rubberized coir. First there is the stated need of support .

Mattress requirement by Sleep Positions

We all have our habits when it comes to sleeping, but the position we sleep in will always fall in one of three categories: back, side or stomach. And while some people switch positions more often than others, there’s usually one predominant position during the night (which may be different than the position you prefer to fall asleep in!). It’s this predominant position that should guide you when you’re .

How to choose a mattress for back pain?

While choosing a mattress to address your problem of back pain you must see the mattress conformability i.e. how well the mattress adjusts to your body contours. A firm mattress provides an overall support for the body. However, an excessively firm mattress can be a reason for severe back/shoulder pain, especially for side sleepers. Soft mattress firmness can provide good comfort but it may not have enough support. Hence .