Warranty Policy

As a proud customer of the Aerocom Mattress you can be Assured of a Healthy Sleep, Night After Night, for Years to come.

Taking Care of Mattress

  • 1. At least once a month, turn your mattress head to toe
  • 2. Do not bend, fold or roll the mattress as it may cause sagging
  • 3. Avoid sitting on mattress’ edges
  • 4. Do not keep heavy object on the mattress
  • 5. Do not use detergents. Clean mattress with damp cloth and use white spirit to remove stains
  • 6. If mattress gets wet, dry it thoroughly under a fan before using it

Warranty Period

The warranty period is valid from the date of purchase, against material/ workmanship defects. The defective mattress will be replaced/repaired by Aerocom Cushions Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as The Company) at its discretion, free of charge within the warranty period, subject to the following conditions:

  • 1. This warranty card must be duly filled, stamped and signed by the dealer. The card and the relevant cash memo must be preserved and produced along with the defective mattress.
  • 2. The dealer should be contacted in case of defects.
  • 3. This warranty card is not valid for :
    • (A) Damages resulting from accident, mishandling, heat and Improper usage.
    • (B) Mattresses not purchased from Authorized dealer.
    • 4. While the Company will endeavor to replace/repair as required the item under warranty as soon as possible, it is not liable to do so within specified time.
    • 5. The warranty is on carry in basis which means that it is the customer’s responsibility to bring the defective mattress to the dealers point and take replacement from there.
    • 6. Claims, if any, arising from the warranty will be restricted to courts within the Nagpur Jurisdiction only.
    • 7. This warranty excludes every condition/warranty/Ability not expressed herein.
    • 8. The company’s decision on the nature of defects and applicability of this warranty will be final.

Be aware the body indentations are a normal occurrence in a new mattress and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to your body contours Warranty does not cover depression of less than 2.0 cm.