How often do hotels wash the mattresses in their rooms?

There is nothing better than curling up in a nice fluffy comforter while in a hotel room, especially if nice pillows accompany it.

The question is, however, can these comforters or duvets actually be washed between stays, or are you curling up with a comforter that has been used by dozens of guests over the past few months?

Although it might seem strange, many hotels do not wash the comforter, bedspreads, or duvets between every guest’s stay, regardless of how shocking it may seem.

No matter what, it is recommended that the sheets and pillowcases should be cleaned between stays in order to prolong their life.

The bedding in hotels is set up differently, so it will be helpful to get a sense of the terms used for different articles of bedding in hotels so that you know what to expect.

Decorative pillows and throw blankets are sometimes provided on hotel beds, which most guests instinctively discard as soon as they get settled into their beds.

This type of pillow or blanket is usually colorful, oddly shaped, and has a pattern or design on it that is not very common.

There is no doubt that most people understand and accept that these items aren’t washed between each hotel stay, which is why many people don’t seem to use them in the first place from the fact that they’re not washed between each hotel stay.

There is no doubt that hotels are not dying to advertise the fact that they do not clean the comforters after every guest stays with them.

In addition, getting clear-cut answers from hotels on this subject is not always the easiest thing to do. In the end, what we have is our own personal experiences and public posts from hotel employees at the time of writing.

It is important to remember that not everything is sterilized, so proceed with caution if you are unsure. It is a fact that there is no such thing as a completely bacteria-free and bacteriologically safe guest room, but this does not mean that you have to always tolerate apparent dirt and grime in your guest room.

If you leave a review about your hotel experience on travel blogs, you will be helping a large crowd who are planning to book a hotel room in the near future by letting them know how you found it.

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