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    The warranty period is valid from the date of purchase, against material/ workmanship defects. The defective mattress will be replaced/repaired by Aerocom Cushions Pvt. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as The Company) at its discretion, free of charge within the warranty period. 



    Call the Aerocom Customer Support Team on 1800-890-6741 or drop an email at to raise a return request within 10 days of product delivery. The team shall let you know if your purchase qualifies for a return or not and guide you towards the next steps. Please note that only standard-size mattresses are eligible for returns. Bedding accessories are not eligible for return requests at the moment.



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Product Details

  • The profile textured specialty foam gives relieving support to your pressure points like shoulder, hips & neck
  • Natural rubber latex foam gives chemical free surface to the sleeper and keeps the surface cool during summers.
  • Spine adjusting memory foam gives the mattress a sublime comfort.
  • Pillow top section makes the mattress plush and relaxing.
  • Bonded foam gives the longevity & durable support to your mattress.
  • The anti skid fabric at the bottom prevents your mattress from slipping.
  •  Warranty 07 Years.
Orthopedic Spine Aligner
Maintains The Correct Spine Posture While You Sleep
Breathable & Natural Latex
Foam Keeps The Mattress Cool & Sweat Resistant
Multi-Comfort Layer
Gives Pressure Relieving Comfort To Your Muscles
Dust Mite Resistant Fabric

6 inch, 8 inch


72 L x 36 W, 72 L x 48 W, 72 L x 60 W, 72 L x 66 W, 72 L x 72 W, 75 L x 36 W, 75 L x 48 W, 75 L x 60 W, 75 L x 66 W, 75 L x 72 W, 78 L x 36 W, 78 L x 48 W, 78 L x 60 W, 78 L x 66 W, 78 L x 72 W, 84 L x 36 W, 84 L x 48 W, 84 L x 60 W, 84 L x 66 W, 84 L x 72 W


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